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D. Eustratiou S.A. started its activity in 1984 as a sales service company. Today, it has established itself in the trading and distribution industry, handling both dry and refrigerated cargo, and strictly adhering to quality standards.

The company's headquarters is located at the 8th km of the Kavala-Thessaloniki National Road, on a privately-owned plot of 12,000 square meters. The premises include storage facilities of 1,500 square meters, out of which 427 square meters comprise state-of-the-art refrigerated and food preservation chambers.

It has a sales team that operates in the regions of Serres, Kavala, Drama, Rhodope, Xanthi, and Evros, providing sales, order taking, and merchandising services.

Our offices are housed in the facilities, where the accounting department operates, and it is also where the warehouse team responsible for proper product management is located.

Distribution is carried out using company-owned vehicles operated by our drivers, ensuring consistency, responsibility, and safety for our customers.

Our main activities include:

Trade and Representation
Distributions - Logistics

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Our fleet & team

For immediate and effective service to our allies, we have a team of 24 experienced and trained personnel, with our sales team consisting of 6 members.

Orders are taken using a portable computer (tablet), so that our salespeople have a complete real-time picture of the customer and the warehouse.