Trading and Representation

Our product catalog covers a wide range of consumer needs and is available through our network, ranging from small retail outlets and specialty stores (such as ELOMAS, KRΙTIKOS, etc.) to national chains. Our suppliers include multinational companies such as Reckitt Benckiser, Freudenberg, with whom we have long-standing collaborations, as well as Greek companies like Barba Stathis, ELGEKA, GIOTIS S.A., VIKOS, SEPTONA, EVRIKA, and more. Additionally, we have business relationships with small local production units that trust our network for the promotion and distribution of their products.

Distributions – Logistics

With a distribution network in the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, as well as in the region of Serres, our company has managed to establish exclusive partnerships in the logistics sector. We provide order-taking, storage, distribution, and merchandising services to national chains such as D. Masoutis SA, Sklavenitis Supermarkets, and AB Vassilopoulos on behalf of companies like ELGEKA, Barba Stathis (Chrysi Zymi, IGLO, FROZA, Arampatzis), Giottis, Vassileiou Trofinko (7 Thalasses), Apostolidis (Mc Cain potatoes), Torre, and more. In recent years, our company has been highly active in the logistics sector, providing high-quality order-taking, storage, and distribution services. Existing customers such as ELGEKA SA, Barba Stathis SA, Torre SA, Vassileiou Trofinko SA, McCain, and others trust our network for the delivery of their products to the halls of national supermarket chains.


Finally, an integral part of the activity of D. EVSTRATIOU SA is the WATERLINE department which provides water coolers and supplies 18.9 lt (WATERLINE) and 10lt (VIKOS) bottles.